1934-35 Annual Report

Scope and Content

Typescript copies of final and draft reports and a printed proof. This represents the department's tenth year and so time is taken in this report to show how the department has developed and its achievements. The research workers along with their investigations are described as follows: Dr E. M. Greaves (changes in nitrogenous constituents and phosphates of the blood in patients with pernicious anaemia), Mr H. R Donald & Miss V. K. Wilson (influence of autonomic nervous system in regulation of sugar content of the blood), Dr R. Ellis (cardiac changes associated with diseases of the blood), Dr Deutsch (value of Methaemoglobin test of Duesberg and Koll for the assay of the anti-anaemic principle in liver extracts), Dr D. R. Goodfellow (effects of radium on the blood of radium workers and patients suffering from malignant disease), Dr B. R. Bramwell (claims of Professor Okada of Nagoya University re. presence and properties of a histamine-like body in an extract of spinach), Dr M. C. G. Israëls (differentiation and treatment of leukaemias), Israëls & Wilkinson (identified new type of anaemia - achrestic anaemia), Dr L. Klein & Dr C. A. Ashford (nature and properties of haemopoietin), and Wilkinson (pernicious anaemia, microcytic hypochromic anaemia, and Addison's Disease).