Medical Research Council: Leukaemia

Scope and Content

The majority of the material in this file relates to a conference on leukaemia held on 17 December 1954 by the Medical Research Council to discuss possible new approaches to the study of the aetiology of human leukaemia. Attendees included Professor L.J. Witts, Dr W.M. Court Brown, Dr J.V. Dacie, Professor L.S.P. Davidson, Dr W.R.S. Doll, Dr F.H.K. Green, Professor A. Haddow, Dr F.J.G. Hayhoe, Mr D. Hewitt, Dr G.J. Popjak, Dr H.M. Sinclair, Dr A. Stewart, Dr O.A. Trowell, Dr J.M. Vaughan, Dr J.F. Wilkinson, Professor B.W. Windeyer, and Dr M.C.S. Kennedy. The file also includes the statistical reports that were circulated before the meeting, these are:

  • Memorandum on Leukaemia by David Hewitt, Social Medical Unit, Oxford.
  • Memorandum on the Occurrence of Leukaemia Among Patients by X-Ray Therapy for Ankylosing Spondylitis by Professor B.W. Windeyer and Dr W.M. Court Brown from the Department of Radiotherapy, the Middlesex Hospital, and The Department of Medicine, the Postgraduate Medical School of London respectively.
  • Possible Local Influence Upon Incidence of Leukaemias in Cornwall by Dr Eileen E. Wood ad Dr E.J.R. Willey.

There are two items of correspondence from Dr W.M. Court Brown to Wilkinson from Dec 1954 & Jan 1955 discussing cases of ankylosing spondylitis treated with x-rays and the subsequent development of leukaemia.

Following on from the work undertaken as a result of the first conference a second conference was held on 6 June 1957, the agenda for which is included in the file along with subsequent discussion of possible therapeutic trials in leukaemia and minutes of a meeting to discuss the possibility of therapeutic trials in leukaemia held on 16 December 1957.