Joint Committee

Scope and Content

The Joint Committee on Clinical Investigations and Research existed as a body representative of both the University of Manchester and the Manchester Royal Infirmary to oversee the running of the Clinical and Research Laboratory. Meetings were held at both the University and the Infirmary.

Minutes and agenda survive for meetings held on 6 October 1931, 4 June 1935, 22 July 1935, 11 October 1935, 12 November 1936, 7 December 1937, 10 November 1938, 6 December 1939, 8 March 1940, 18 November 1940 (agenda only), 2 July 1941, 3 December 1941, 8 December 1942, 3 November 1943 (agenda only), 7 December 1944, 6 December 1945, and 19 December 1946 (agenda only).

The meeting of the 4 June 1935 represented the first meeting of the newly constituted committee, prior to which it had been known as the Committee of Control of Clinical Investigations and Research Laboratory. From this date on the committee was responsible for reporting both to the Infirmary Board and the University Council on work done by the department and to make recommendations to both bodies as to administration and expenditure.