Medical Research Council, 1955

Scope and Content

Correspondence between Wilkinson and the Medical Research Council concerning the renewal of grants for expenses and technical assistance and in particular laboratory assistance to assist with the time-consuming techniques associated with work on haemophilia and haemorrhagic diseases. In support of the grant applications Wilkinson outlines the work of the department and the work he expects the laboratory assistant to partake in, namely tissue culture studies, investigations into the treatment of acute leukaemias and acute reticuloses particularly with cortisone, adrenocorticotrophin and aminopterin, and investigations on blood coagulation and haemophilia, chronic leukaemias and chronic reticuloses. He outlines other work in the department as involving treatment of chronic leukaemias and chronic reticuloses with agents such as nitrogen mustards, investigation of aetiology and long-term treatment of aplastic and refractory anaemias, splenectomy in thrombocytopenic purpura, haemolytic anaemias, and Banti's syndrome, work on megaloblastic anaemias, and endocrinological studies. There is also a letter from the Manchester Royal Infirmary outlining the past experience of Miss Ann Brooke.