Medical Research Council, 1936

Scope and Content

Correspondence between Wilkinson and the Medical Research Council, namely Dr F.H.K. Green, Dr Arthur Landsborough Thomson, E. Mellanby, and V. Claridge, concerning the application for the extension of the grant for the continued assistance of Dr Louis Klein, replacement of Klein with Dr Tudor S.G. Jones, cases of carotinaemia, report on trials of suprarenal cortical extracts for the Therapeutic Trials Committee (full report included), supplies of reprints, spelling of achrestic anaemia, renewal of the grant for the assistance of Dr Charles A. Ashford, departure of Ashford and his replacement with W.S.M. Grieve, vitamin C in Addison's disease, paper on agranulocytosis, invitation to the National Institute for Medical Research, and the annual report. The report details the work done by the department including investigations into the aetiology and treatment of pernicious anaemia, haemopoietin, relationship of achrestic anaemia to megalocytic anaemias, treatment of Addison's diseases with suprarenal cortical extracts, treatment of agranulocytosis with Pentnucleotide, vitamin C sub-nutrition in Addison's, and non-diabetic carotinaemia. There is also a list of papers published for the year.