U-8344 Uracil Mustard

Scope and Content

Data and reports relating to the work of Wilkinson and his colleagues relating to the use of the uracil mustard U-8344 in the treatment of leukaemias with tables of data showing the effect of the drug on 5 patients with polycythaemia and 4 patients with acute myeloid leukaemia, graphs showing the effect on white blood cell counts and platelets in patients with chronic myeloid leukaemia and Hodgkin's disease, and typescript draft copies of an article subsequently published as Wilkinson, J.F., Bourne, M.S., & Israëls, M.C.G., 'Treatment of Leukaemias and Reticuloses with Uracil Mustard', British Medical Journal, 1963, Vol. 1(5345), pp.1563-1568.

The file also contains a number of contemporary published articles on the subject by other authors, including:

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In addition to these full articles there are a number of abstracts of articles on the subject of uracil mustard, and purines and pyrimidines many of which state that their supplies of uracil mustard were provided by the Upjohn Company.