Prof. A.K.S. Ahmed

Scope and Content

Correspondence between Wilkinson and Professor A.K.S. Ahmed of the Department of Medicine, Dacca [Dhaka] Medical College, East Pakistan [Bangladesh]. Wilkinson appears to have first met Ahmed on his tour of Japan and South-East Asia in 1960 and refers to him in the section of his report recounting his time in Pakistan, see JFW/3/3/1/5.

Ahmed refers a number of patients to Wilkinson who then travel to the UK and also seeks Wilkinson's professional opinion on others. In these cases detailed case histories and often test results are included. In other correspondence he updates Wilkinson on his career and the progress of his department and Wilkinson also offers to assist Ahmed by proposing his name to the President of the Royal College of Physicians of London for consideration for election to the fellowship. Included is a list of Ahmed's qualifications and relevant experience as well as copies of a number of his publications, which include:

  • Ahmed, A.K.S., Bayliss, R.I.S., Briscoe, W.A. & McMichael, J., 'The Action of Ouabain (G-Strophanthin) on the Circulation in Man, and a Comparison with Digoxin', Clinical Science, 1950, Vol.9(1), pp.1-16
  • Ahmed, A.K.S., 'Catheterisation of the Human Heart', The Medicus, 1952, Vol.4(1), pp.3-9
  • Ahmed, A.K.S., 'Coarctation of Aorta', East Pakistan Medical Journal, 1956, Vol.1(1), pp.12-16
  • Ahmed, A.K.S., 'Coronary Heart Disease in East Pakistan', Dacca Medical College Journal, 1957, Vol.3(1), pp.1-9
  • Ahmed, A.K.S., Waliullah & Ahmed, M.U., 'Prednisolone in Enteric Fever', Dacca Medical College Journal, 1959, Vol.5(2), pp.3-20

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This file contains personal medical information of several individuals that is less than 100 years old and closed under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998. Please consult the archivist before issuing.