War Regulations Etc.

Scope and Content

Memoranda, regulations, and bulletins issued by the Ministry of Health, War Office, Medical Research Council, and Department of Health for Scotland during the Second World War, including:

  • Medical Research Council War Wounds Committee and Committee of London Sector Pathologists, Notes on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Gas Gangrene, 1940
  • Medical Research Council: Committee on Traumatic Shock and on Blood Transfusion, The Treatment of Wound Shock, 1940
  • Medical Research Council: Therapeutic Requirements Committee, Economy in the Use of Drugs in War-Time, 1941
  • Medical Research Council Brain Injuries Committee, A Glossary of Psychological Terms Commonly Used in Cases of Head Injury, 1941
  • Ministry of Health, War Injuries and War Service Injuries: Memorandum to Hospitals and Medical Practitioners on the Issue of Special Medical Certificates, 1941
  • Ministry of Health, Use of Penicillin in Ambulance Trains, Coastal, Transit and Home Base Hospitals, 1944
  • Ministry of Health, Emergency Medical Services First Aid Treatment for Burns: No.9 Cream, 1944
  • War Office, Instructions for the use of Penicillin in Severe War Wounds as a Prophylactic Against Gas Gangrene and Sepsis, 1944
  • Department of Health for Scotland, Emergency Medical Services Memorandum No. 1: Hospital Treatment of Burns, 1942
  • Notes on the Treatment of Recent War Wounds in Transit Hospitals in which Patients will not Normally be Retained, n.d.
  • W.C. Wilson on behalf of the Department of Health for Scotland, Memorandum on the Treatment of Burns, 1940
  • Blank toxic workers record card