Medical Research Council, 1935

Scope and Content

Correspondence between Wilkinson and the Medical Research Council, namely Dr F.H.K. Green and Dr Arthur Landsborough Thomson, concerning reports of the trials on Pentnucleotide, the extension of the grant for the continued assistance of Dr Louis Klein, supplies of Cortin and Eucortone, renewal of personal grant, clerical grant, and grant for the continued assistance of Dr Charles A. Ashford, trial of suprarenal cortical extracts in cases of Addison's disease on behalf of the Therapeutic Trials Committee, Dr Israëls' half-yearly report as Lady Tata Memorial Scholar, renewal of grant for part-time haematological assistance of Dr G.S. Smith, proposed scheme of further work for Ashford, and the annual report. The 4 page report details the range of work that has been undertaken during the year by all members of the team and attached is a list of all resultant papers published.