Pernicious Anaemia & Gastric Cancer

Scope and Content

The file contains several copies of a report by Wilkinson entitled 'Gastric Cancer in Pernicious Anaemia' each with numerous alterations and annotations. The report focuses on 1,190 of over 2,000 patients with pernicious anaemia seen by Wilkinson in Manchester between 1924 and 1952 with a view to analysing incidences of gastric cancer in comparison to the general population.

In addition there are three items of correspondence. Firstly, a 1945 letter from Wilkinson to the editor of The British Medical Journal regarding the association of pernicious anaemia with cancer and subsequently published in the journal on 10 November 1945, Vol. 2(4427) p.664. Secondly, a letter dated October 1951 from British Chemotheutic Products Ltd. reporting the completion of their pilot plant for the manufacture of molybdenised iron and its benefits over the usual iron therapies. And finally, a letter dated November 1957 from a J.G.S. Buchanan of Bolton District General Hospital regarding figures for instances of pernicious anaemia associated with gastric cancer.