Scope and Content

Correspondence between Wilkinson and representatives of Ciba Limited, London. Communications between Aug 1938 and May 1939 focus upon supplies of preparation 3475, desoxycorticosterone-acetate for investigations Wilkinson was carrying out into Addison's Disease on behalf of the Therapeutic Trials Committee. There is also reference to the positive results Wilkinson was getting in contrast to other researchers also trialling the drug who were using it in much larger quantities. There is then a large gap in communications and between July 1947 and June 1948 the correspondence concerns supplies of Antistin Ampoules, supply of Antistin-Privine solution, Wilkinson borrowing films on 'the motility of spermatozoa' and 'the South African clawed toad (pregnancy tests)' for teaching purposes, and Wilkinson's positive results with Antistin.