Trowell & Salmon

Scope and Content

The file contains a few items of seemingly unrelated correspondence etc., namely:

  • Letter from Hubert Carey Trowell (1904-1989) at the Uganda Medical School in Kampala addressed to Wilkinson and Israëls dated 21 April 1942 and enclosing a copy of an article he recently sent to The Lancet entitled 'Certain Aspects of the Deficiency Anaemias of Malnutrition'. In his letter he seeks their advice about certain aspects of anaemia and also asks them to send sternal marrow smears from cases of pernicious anaemia.
  • Letter to Wilkinson from R.J. Salmon at St John's University, Shanghai dated 17 July 1939 in which he discusses Wilkinson's article 'Peptic Ulceration and Vitamin C Deficiency' recently published in the BMJ, the effect of vitamin C injections on urine excretion, the number of pellagra patients seen during the summer treated by injection of nicotinic acid, typhoid epidemic on which they are trying new treatments, new assistant getting good results in treatment of trachoma with Dagonan, use of sulphanilamide in the treatment of lobar pneumonia, finding local cheap source of B1 for beriberi patients, estimation of adrenaline and acetylcholine in autopsy tissue, calcium and zinc in the human liver, connection between nicotinic acid and the haemopoietic system and cholesterol, lack of funds, time, and equipment, 'murky' political atmosphere, rising food prices, local murders, and imminent war.
  • Extract entitled 'How to Purify Your Drinking Water' from the Pharmaceutical Journal, Aug 17 1940, p.54.