Report of Tour - Columbia

Scope and Content

Typescript and rough manuscript copy of Wilkinson's report of his time in Columbia. He begins with the usual general description of the geography and politics of Columbia followed by facilities in Bogota and his impressions. Following his arrival in Bogota he visits The National General Hospital-San Juan de Dios, where he inspects the facilities, does some clinical ward rounds with ward teaching, and gives a lecture on aplastic and hypoplastic anaemias.

Wilkinson visits a number of tourist attractions before describing the different universities, the hospitals associated with the Medical Faculty of the National University, and a more thorough description of National General Hospital and its different units. A list is provided of all those invited to a cocktail party held in his honour.

He then describes his visit to the Jesuit Universidad Javeriana, the military hospital, and has a long conference with medical staff about medical teaching and in particular the teaching of haematology.