Medical Research Council, 1931

Scope and Content

The correspondence between Wilkinson and the Medical Research Council, namely Sir Walter Fletcher, Dr F.H.K. Green, and Dr Arthur Landsborough Thomson, focuses predominantly on the renewal of the grant to pay for the services of Dr Louis Klein in assisting Wilkinson with his research into pernicious anaemia, the submission of an annual report to the MRC, the publishing of Wilkinson & Klein's findings, and the problem Wilkinson perceives of there being a number of hog's stomach preparations on the market for commercial use which are not active and do not achieve the required results.

A 40 page report on 'The Treatment of Pernicious Anaemia with Stomach Extracts' is included in the file which goes into detail about the background of their research, the investigations they are undertaking, the processes, and early findings. This includes a photograph of the apparatus used and a hand-drawn chart illustrating the effect of expressed juice from hog's stomach. Copies of the photographs can also be found in JFW/3/2/2/5.