1931-32 Annual Report

Scope and Content

Typescript copy of the annual report in addition to three printed summarised reports, one of which is heavily annotated. The research workers along with their investigations are described as follows: Miss V. K. Wilson (changes in plasma phosphatase in bone diseases), Miss M. Johnson (occurrence, variation, and significance of eosinophilia in the blood), Dr D. R. Goodfellow (effects of radium and x-ray radiation upon the blood), Dr M. Egan (treatment of anaemia with iron, copper, manganese and mixtures of their salts), Dr A. L. Kenyon (methods of determining fat content in blood), Dr E. M. Greaves (metabolism and treatment of progressive muscular atrophy and similar nervous diseases), Dr A. Blakely (gastric secretion), Dr W. Brockbank (role of breathing exercises in treatment of bronchitis and asthma), Dr L. Klein (active principle in stomach tissues), Dr C. G. Eastwood (rheumatoid arthritis), and Wilkinson (pernicious anaemia, gastric functions in pernicious anaemia, achlorhydric anaemia, blood phosphatase, essential hypertension, gastric secretion, anaemia and pregnancy, and the action of acetylcholine on gastric secretion).