Forensic Medicine

Scope and Content

Loose-leaf leather ring-bound volume of notes on forensic medicine. The first two pages set out the timetable of lectures for the course in 1932 and 1931 and the following pages give detailed notes on each subject covered.

The topics covered include an introduction to forensic medicine, registration of medical practitioners, the General Medical Council (GMC), treatment of patients and malpraxis, consent to operations, consent to medical examination of living persons, professional secrecy, making of wills, death certificates, cremation, crimes, homicide, manslaughter, suicide, Coroner's Court, Magistrate's Court, Assizes, medical evidence, dying declarations, medico-legal post-mortem examinations, PM on suspected poisoning, causes of death, asphyxia, syncope, signs of death, decomposition, evidence of putrefaction, putrefaction of internal viscera, adipocere, estimation of time of death, fauna of cadaver, identification, and blood stains.