Ministry of Supply - Toxic Workers

Scope and Content

In January 1942 it was proposed that Wilkinson would carry out research under the title of "A Haematological Study of Mustard Gas Factory Workers" on behalf of the Ministry of Supply. The subjects were workers at Springfield, Sutton Oak, Randle, and Gaskell Marsh factories with non-toxic workers at several Ministry of Supply factories and Pilkington's Glass Works used as control samples. The research was to last for 6 months, but in the end investigations were continued up to 1946. The work was classified as secret with regular reports sent to the Deputy Controller General of Research and Development at the Ministry of Supply and any expenses claimed and requests to publish to go through the Controller of Chemical Defence Development at the Ministry of Supply. The workers concerned were employed in the mustard (toxic process), arsenical smoke (D.M.), and ethylene chlorhydrin plants.


  • JFW/2/5/4/1 - Administration
  • JFW/2/5/4/2 - Data Collection
  • JFW/2/5/4/3 - Investigation Reports
  • JFW/2/5/4/4 - Associated Mustard Gas Files