The Value of Extracts of Suprarenal Cortex in the Treatment of Addison's D. Report to T.T.C., M.R.C.

Scope and Content

This file contains the medical notes of five individual patients admitted to the Manchester Royal Infirmary and diagnosed with Addison's disease. These files give their name, age, address, and dates of admission and discharge. In addition a description of the history of the present complaint and condition on admission, charts recording their condition throughout their stay and the administration of treatment, and reports and results of tests carried out by the clinical laboratory.

As well as the patient notes there are a number of typed patient reports produced by Wilkinson in the course of his investigations, an autopsy report, and tables showing the vital statistics of unnamed patients in relation to the administration of Eucortone treatment. Finally there is a leaflet entitled '"Eucortone" Active Extract of Suprarenal Cortex for the Treatment of Addison's Disease' published by Allen & Hanburys Ltd. Originally numbered "59".

Access Information

This file contains personal medical information relating to several individuals that is less than 100 years old and closed under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998. Please consult the archivist before issuing.