Medical Research Council, 1933

Scope and Content

Correspondence between Wilkinson and the Medical Research Council, namely Sir Walter Fletcher, Dr F.H.K. Green, and Dr Arthur Landsborough Thomson, relating to the extension of the grant for the continued assistance of Dr Louis Klein, an additional grant as augmentation to Wilkinson's salary, testing of Pentnucleotide on behalf of the Therapeutic Trials Committee, the testing of concentrated liver extracts for private firms, and the annual report. There is a short one page annual report giving an overview of work carried out in the past year including experiments into the use of pig's stomach, investigations into the anti-anaemic factor (haemopoietin), and the influence of gastric secretory stimulants on the separate elements of gastric juice carried out alongside Dr A.P.L. Blakely. There is also a list of publications for the year.