Scope and Content

Correspondence with Organon Laboratories concerning the possibilities that xanthopterin may contain anti-pernicious anaemia factor. There is further related discussion surrounding folic acid, corticotrophin, batyl alcohol, possible counteractive effects of xanthopterin on the effect of thiouracil on the leucocytes, the pituitary and anaemia, the conjugation of proteins and hormones, and observations on pterine pigments. Additionally there is a report on an interview with Dr A. Vannotti and Dr M. Mamie, both of Lausanne University whose present works concern the active anti-(hyperchromic) anaemia substances.

The file also contains the first page of medical notes of a man admitted to the Manchester Royal Infirmary with a septic arm and suffering from pernicious anaemia. The reverse of the page also contains a genealogical tree of the patient showing the family ties to pernicious anaemia. Finally there is also a report on titrations carried out on a by-product of the nitrogen mustard T773.

Access Information

This file contains personal medical information relating to several individuals that is less than 100 years old and closed under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998. Please consult the archivist before issuing.