Report of Tour - Japan

Scope and Content

Wilkinson begins his account on 31 August 1960 with a description of his experience of Manchester Airport followed by changes in Paris Orly Airport and Anchorage with descriptions of the flight and sights form the plane before arriving in Tokyo. He then offers a reasonably thorough description of Japan, some of its main tourist attractions, its climate, its population, and most common occupations followed by a similar description of Tokyo itself taking in education, customs, and religion.

He then moves on to talk of his own experience, including Tokyo sightseeing, a day spent with Dr Todamichi Koga, the Director of the Zoological Gardens, an inspection of several of the city's hospitals, and his observations on customs etc. There is then an account of the VIII International Congress of Haematology, the main purpose of his visit, with an outline of plenary sessions, symposia, papers, and meetings and receptions.

Along with other delegates he begins a tour of the rest of Japan starting with Kyoto where he also attended the Haematological Symposium in the Kyoto Kaikan and met with Dr Kuwashi Tomita, Professor of Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases. This was followed by a tourist trip to Nara before heading to Osaka ('The Manchester of Japan') where he met with members of the local medical faculty.

Wilkinson then gives a full account of his time in Hiroshima, his perceptions of it, report of the atomic bomb, visit to the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission Centre, consideration of the effects of the bomb, and discussion of the medical effects for which he reports that the only noted impact was slight increase in rates of leukaemia. There are then visits to Beppu and Unzen where they are met with a reception from the President of the University and Professor Kawakita. They then go on to Nagasaki with more reports of the atomic bomb and some first-hand accounts from medical staff.

The tour ends with a visit to Fukuoka and visits to Kyushu Teaching Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine of the Kyushu University.