Minutes. Rad. Prot. Committee

Scope and Content

Minutes and agenda of the Committee on Radiological Protection and the Radiological Protection Service Sub-Committee with accompanying documentation and correspondence for the following dates: 11 Apr 1968, 20 Nov 1968, 26 Sep 1969, 17 Nov 1969, 15 Dec 1969, 7 Jan 1970, 8 Apr 1970, 23 Sep 1970, 27 Oct 1971, 26 Jan 1972, 12 Apr 1972, 28 Sep 1972, 28 Nov 1972, 24 Jan 1973, 2 May 1973, and 26 Sep 1973. Some of the additional documentation includes a diagram of the administrative organisation of the service, proposed regulations and rules, regulations for the carriage of radioactive materials by road, rules for radiological protection, certificate of registration under section 1 of the Ministry of Housing & Local Government Radioactive Substances Act 1960, minutes of special meeting to discuss medical examination of designated workers, graphs showing data on incidences of leukaemia following radiation exposure, notes on haematological examinations in October 1972 and on the evidence for leukaemia risk among person exposed to radiation, and a newspaper cutting from 1973 with the headline 'Ex-atomic plant man became ill'.

There is a small amount of correspondence from 1974-1977 firstly relating to Wilkinson's continuing role as medical referee and then discussing the reorganisation of the service so that medical examinations will now be carried out by the University's occupational health service and thanking Wilkinson for his dedicated service.