Histology Records

Scope and Content

Two volumes recording the histology work done in Wilkinson's lab covering his time both as the director of the Department of Clinical Investigations and Research and as the director of the Department of Haematology. Each volume is set out in a series of columns recording the following information: patient name, date, sequential patient number, PM or OP, the tissue or nature of material, number of blocks, date completed, diagnosis, and other remarks. A variety of different tissues are tested although it is not generally clear whose patients they are, for example whether they are being seen privately, at the MRI, or elsewhere. A number of the samples do not come from humans and reflect the zoological consultancy work done by Wilkinson for Bellevue Gardens, Manchester. There is also evidence of Wilkinson having carried out post mortem tests on his cat.

Access Information

This file contains personal medical information of several individuals that is less than 100 years old and closed under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998. Please consult the archivist before issuing.