Medical Research Council: Suprarenal Cortex

Scope and Content

The file contains an official description of the establishment of the Therapeutic Trials Committee with details on committee members, its remit, and aims. In addition there is an announcement dated 23 February 1934 announcing the beginning of the inquiry into the value of extracts of suprarenal cortex in the treatment of Addison's disease.

However, the majority of the file consists of correspondence between Wilkinson and Francis Henry Knethell Green (1900-1977), the secretary of the Therapeutic Trials Committee, dating from 17 January 1934 to 22 May 1934. This correspondence discusses the proposed details of the trial, seeks Wilkinson's involvement, and discusses supplies of commercially produced suprarenal cortical extract. Supplies at this point seem to focus on Eucortone produced by the company Allen & Hanburys Ltd., but there is also mention of Cortin and Eschatin as well as the drug companies Parke Davis & Co. and Organon Laboratories.

See JFW/2/5/2 for Wilkinson's research files into the value of suprarenal cortex in the treatment of Addison's disease.