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This school was opened in 1908 located on Margaret Road. The school was renamed Headington Junior Mixed and Infant School when the Senior Council School was built next door in 1936. In the early 1950s it was renamed Windmill Junior Mixed and Infant School and in 1975 became the Windmill First School. In 2003 the school moved to the old secondary school site next door (see S126/2 for records of this school) and the site was redeveloped for housing. Please see CC4/103 for other records of this school. Please see CC4/102 for other records of this school.

These records were received as part of a transfer of Oxford City Education Records in 1991. They were originally listed by the Centre for Oxfordshire Studies before being transferred to the Oxfordshire Record Office. Additional records were deposited as part of Acc 3771 in February 1994 and as part of Acc 4119 in August 1996.

Recatalogued by Alison Smith in March 2009 with additions in May 2016.


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