Student Accommodation Committee Minutes

Scope and Content

The Committee was appointed by Council on 16 March 1960, and replaced the Committee on Accommodation (Student) in Halls, Lodgings and Home (a non-sessional committee). The Committee supervised the University's accommodation policy for students. The Committee was originally chaired by Councillor Maurice Pariser, and included representatives from the Manchester College of Science and Technology (later UMIST), reflecting the desire of both institutions to implement a co-ordinated strategy in this area. During the 1950s the University had been taking a more active role in improving accommodation conditions for students after taking ownership of several of the older halls of residence, and building new halls of residence. The minutes include those of sub-committees of the Accommodation Committee including the General Services Sub-Committee, and the Moberly Tower Organization and Administration Sub-Committee. The Committee was discharged in late 1996 or early 1997.

Related Material

See also the file on student accommodation in the Vice-Chancellor' s Archive, VCA/7/375.