Ashburne Hall Council/Delegacy/Committee Minutes

Scope and Content

Minutes of the Ashburne Hall Council, Delegacy and Committee, as the main University committee governing the Hall was known at various times. Ashburne Hall (originally Ashburne House) was the first hall of residence for female students. The Hall opened in 1899 and moved to its current premises in Fallowfield in 1910. This new building had been funded in part by Board of Education grants, and it was a condition of such funding that the Hall be administered by a committee of the University appointed by Council. The last meeting of the Delegacy was on 27 November 1940, after which it was replaced by the Ashburne Hall Committee, which first met on 1 January 1941.

Related Material

The archive of Ashburne Hall is retained by the Hall; see also the Vice-Chancellor's file on Ashburne Hall, VCA/7/235.