University Television Service Committee/Committee for Educational Technology Minutes

Scope and Content

The Committee was originally known as the Committee on the Provision of Video Tape Equipment [1963-66 -the original chair of the committee was Prof. W. Morton 1963-67], and was the result of the University's interest in providing remote access to its teaching and lectures through video films. In 1967 a director of television services was appointed who had responsibility for a TV studio to film various University activities. In November 1970 the committee was superseded by the Joint Committee for Educational Technology, with extended terms of reference for the "whole field of educational technology" as it affected the University, including audio-visual technology, previously the responsibility of University technical services. The committee included members of staff of UMIST; the TV service also providing services for that institution. The Committee was discharged in the early 1980s.

Volumes USC/25/1-3 are indexed.

Related Material

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