Consultative Committee on Cancer Research Minutes

Scope and Content

The Committee was established in 1929 by the Council of the University to co-ordinate work on cancer research in the Manchester area. In 1924 the Manchester Committee on Cancer had been established to undertake research into cancer and promote public education. The creation of the Consultative Committee and a University department in Cancer Research was intended to provide better co-ordination of these efforts. The Committee comprised six members of the University and six representatives of the Manchester Committee on Cancer (two of whom were nominated by the Christie Hospital and the Holt Radium Institute, the two leading cancer centres in Manchester). The committee was wound up in 1943. The Manchester Committee on Cancer continued to operate after this date, with an increasing emphasis on the public health aspects of cancer.

Related Material

Reports for the Cancer Research Department can be found in the Reports of Council to Court of this period. The Vice-Chancellor's Archive has files on the Department of Cancer Research (VCA/7/294) and the Manchester Committee on Cancer (VCA/7/295).