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Page from 'Daily Mirror' advertising 'Good Housekeeping'

Page from 'The Evening Standard' advertising 'Good Housekeeping' dated 29 Sep 1926

Apr 1924 - 'Helena Normanton writes this month on Committees and their Procedure'

Jul 1924 - 'The birthright of nationality'

Aug 1924 - 'Women as investors'

Oct 1924 - 'Going to law'

Dec 1924 - 'The child law-breaker?'

Mar 1925 - 'What it means to be - Woman Justice of the Peace'

May 1925 - 'The law and procedure of public meetings'

Jun 1925 - 'How American women earn Bread and butter and a little caviare'

Jul 1925 - 'The case for the Family Court'

Aug 1925 - 'Women and diplomacy'

Sep 1925 - 'The public schools of America'

Jan 1926 - 'The women's movement in America'

Feb 1926 - 'Some laws about slander'

Apr 1926 - 'Separation and maintenance orders'

May 1926 - 'Women's franchise inequalities'

Oct 1926 - 'Do men want women in politics?'

Dec 1926 - 'Women and the ministry of religion'

May 1927 - 'Privacy of personality'

Jun 1927 - 'The women men marry'

Jun 1927 - 'Some law about dogs'

Jul 1927 - 'Family endowment'

Aug 1927 - 'The new Legitimacy Act'

Sep 1927 - 'On blackmail'

Oct 1927 - 'Thoughts on Thrift'

Nov 1927 - 'Today's Moral Standards'

Jan 1928 - 'The Waste of Women'

Mar 1928 - 'Capital Punishment'

Apr 1928 - 'Josephine Butler'

May 1928 - 'Stockbroking as a Profession for Women'

Jun 1928 - 'Furnished Houses'

Jul 1928 - 'The Lilies as they Grow'

Oct 1928 - 'Buying out of Income'

Nov 1928 - 'Wages for Wives'

Jan 1929 - 'How Women won the Vote'

Mar 1929 - 'A Monarchy of Affection'

Apr 1929 - 'Ailing Animals'

Aug 1929 - 'The Charter of English Liberties'

Sep 1929 - Some Law for Holiday Makers'

Oct 1929 - ' Now if you take my Advice'

Nov 1929 - 'The Law of Doctor and Patient'

Dec 1929 - 'Mrs Philip Snowden'

Jan 1930 - 'Are the British Snobs?'

Feb 1930 - 'Waters of Babylon'

Mar 1930 - 'Legal Points for Shoppers'

Apr 1930 - 'What shall I do with that Boy?'

May? 1930 - 'Christianity of Ancient Greece'

Jun 1930 - 'Gossip'

Jul 1930 - 'Do Women get a Fair Chance?'

Sep 1930 - 'What are Good Manners?'

Oct 1930 - 'Must Aristocracy die out?'

Jan 1931 - 'You and your Nest Egg'

Feb 1931 - 'Reports and Balance Sheets'

1931 - The Members we Elect'

Apr 1931- 'Securing your old-age finances crime declares Helena Normanton'

May 1931 - 'The Fascination of Crime' extract

Jun 1931- 'Beneficiaries and Trustees'

Jul 1931 - 'Does Detective Fiction Lower Our Ethical Standard?'

Aug 1931- 'Should we retire before working?'

Sep 1931- 'Decline and Disappearance of the Old Lady'

Oct 1931- 'The World as it passes' beginning a monthly causerie on people and events

Nov 1931- 'The World as it passes: "Buying British" - The plight of Silver - Justice at the Hague Court- Geneva and the Nationality of Women'

Dec 1931- 'The World as it passes: Sir John Simon's future - Women Parliamentary Correspondents - The Debt problem and the Disarmament Conference - Christmas at Home'

Jan 1932- 'The World as it passes: Looking back at England a hundred years ago - Women in the new Parliament - No women in the Ministry! - Recent discoveries in cancer research'

Feb 1932- 'The World as it passes: Long live the British Empire - USA and War Debts- Justice McCardie's Pronouncements - Women on Juries'

Mar 1932- 'The World as it passes: The vulgarisation of England- Germany, France and the Economic Crisis - the result of Russia's first Five Year Plan- Women on Committees and Conferences'

Apr 1932- 'The World as is passes: page 75 is missing; Treaty between Roumania, Jugoslavia and Czecho-Slovakia- Japan and League of Nations - Miss Frances Perkins appointment as Labour Commisioner for New York State - Election of first woman member in the House of Keys' pp 172 and 173

May 1932 - 'The World as it passes: A season of rejoicing - Wanted-Women Railway Directors - A Plea for Better Cemeteries - Mrs Corbett Ashby- Thomas More, Saint and Martyr'

Jun 1932 - 'The World as it passes: Thoughts for June - The Princess Royal and the Girl Guides - Novelists and Reviewers - Irish Political Surprises - The Latest form of Crime'

Jul 1932 - 'The World as it passes: Cheap attics in Bloomsbury! - Wardour Street Myths - The Wise Dramatist - Novelists' Howlers- Shakespearean Parents - Wanted: an Inspired Leader'

Aug 1932 - 'The World as it passes: Queen Alexandra and her memorial - Queen Victoria's later letters - The future of "Little Willie" - Bicarbonate of soda and the male sex - Paying tradesmen's bills weekly - A moan about hotels'

Sep 1932 - 'The World as it passes: Senator "Al" Smith lost his nomination - Stalin has a world -outlook - Mr Franklin Roosevelt seeks election - family food and recipes- Sir Walter Scott's centenary'

Oct 1932 - 'The World as it passes: The Ottawa Conference - The Effect on Europe of the US Presidential Election - Modern Music Halls- The Children and Young Persons Act'

Nov 1932 - 'The World as it passes: Germany's claim to re-arm - The crucial year 1935- Japan and Manchukuo - Women in Academy and Court'

Dec 1932 - 'The World as it passes: The Festival of The Child - Adoption - The English - are they Human? - A Record of Women's Achievements- De Valera at the League of Nations'

Jan 1933 - 'The World as it Passes: The King's Medal for Poetry - House of the Land - Circulate Dangers of the Road'

Feb 1933 - 'The World as it Passes. Who gave Constitutional Authority for the Balfour Note? - War Debts Facts and Figures-The Governors of the BBC - Press Fame and Real Achievements - Married Women's Nationality'.

Mar 1933 - 'The World as it Passes. Technocracy: Government by Engineering Experts - The Author's Activities - More Recognition for Women in the Honours List - Gold in Kenya Colony.'

Apr 1933 - 'The World as it Passes. Mr De Valera's Problems -what path will he take? - British born women married to Aliens - The Favoured Scots - A Sensible Treaty' Incomplete

May 1933 - 'The World as it Passes. Helping the Unemployed- Recognition of Women's Services - Real Founder of Sunday Schools- A Plea for the Jews in Germany - The Budget'

Jun 1933 - 'The World as it Passes [first page missing] Lords Reform - Church Assembly and the Regulation of Reports'

Undated 1933 - 'The World as it Passes - America's New President and First Lady - No one Needs to be Lonely - [incomplete ]'

Undated 1933 - 'The World as it Passes - The doors of Justice - The Polish Corridor - A New Kind of Housing Exhibition - America's Woman Ambassador- School Building Reform [incomplete]'

[Oct] 1933 -'The World as it Passes - The Necessity for Liberalism - The Growth of autocracy - Celibacy in the Police Force - Independence for our Judges '

Aug 1933 - 'The World as it Passes -The World Economic Conference - Books worth reading - Spirit of Hitlerism - Women's Suffrage in Canada and South Africa'

Undated 1933 - Lord Ridell's War Diary

15 Nov 1933 - 'The World as it Passes - Queen Wilhelmina of Holland - The Elizabeth Qua tercentenary- Japan and the Cotton Trade -British Fascism - New Appointment for women.The Children's Charter'

Dec 1933 - 'The World as it Passes - Disarmament and the Pacification of Europe -Lord Merrivale - This Water Supply Problem - Eastern Question - The Woman Worker'

Undated except for 34 written at top of page 'The World as it Passes - fragment -The effect of London going Labour - Paths to European prosperity'

Jul 1934 - 'The World as it Passes - fragment - Italy to-day - Mrs Normanton's impressions'

Jun 1934 - 'The World as it Passes - The Government's move towards purer foodstuffs - A Cancer Research Scholarship- Married women in the Civil Service - 'Tort Feasors' - The Runnymede Pageant'

Aug 1934 - 'The World as it Passes - The Jubilee of the Fabian Society - The real sights of London - What can prevent War? - A Plea for Women's Conveniences - Dean Inge'

Sep 1934 - 'The World as it Passes - The passing of Marie Curie - The International Conference of Women in Paris - Anniversaries in Canada and Melbourne - The meaning of the 'Eastern Locarno'

Oct 1934 - 'The World as it Passes - Internal Affairs in France - Lord Beaverbrook and 'Splendid Isolation' - Miss Fanny Holtzmann's Triumph - The Herring Industry'

Nov 1934 - 'The World as it Passes - fragment - A look at some old periodicals - Thoughts about household and decoration'

Jan 1935 - 'The World as it Passes - Origins of the Pantomime - The New Constitution for India - A Triumph for New Zealand Women - Looking back upon 1934'

Feb 1935 - 'The World as it Passes - fragment - Western Australia's plea for secession - Personal Liability for the married woman - Women's Employment from the Fascist viewpoint'

Apr 1935 - 'The World as it Passes - Turkish Women in Parliament - Political Rights for French Women - Our appreciative Queen - Our Hardworking King- The 'King's English' -Readers beware of speculation'

Undated except for 35 written at top 'The World as it Passes - fragment - Princess Marina and her predecessors - Russia and the League of Nations'

Jun 1935 - 'The World as it Passes - The Family Budget -More British Babies ? - 'Man Power' and Mothers - The Future of today's child - The first woman Land Agent -A little food for thought -But cheer up!'

Jul 1935 - 'The World as it Passes - Italian kindness and courtesy - Estruscan remains -Ruins of a great race -Ah! Serva Italia! - Feeling in Italy today - King George's Jubilee - A question for the League of Nations Australia's empty spaces' Aug 1935 - 'The World as it Passes - Pensions for Spinsters! - The Proportional Representation Society - Our complicated Political system - Public playgrounds for children'

Undated but note reads: Sep Oct? 'The World as it Passes - Hindu Women Awakening - Can Widows adopt? - An Important Centenary - The Study of Insurance - The Marriage ban off LCC Teachers and Doctors'

Nov 1935 - 'The World as it Passes - British Possessions in the Mediterranean - News Cinemas and the films they show - Mental Hospitals Today'

Dec 1935 - 'The World as it Passes - The 1935 Housing Act - Britain's Influence in the East - Work of the Women Police'

Feb 1936 - 'The World as it Passes - Findings of the Archbishop's Commission on the Ministry of Women - A Survey of Women in Priesthood - Memorandum for Cartographers'

Mar 1936 - 'The World as it Passes - Safer Maternity -Italy in Africa - The Position of Poland - The prestige of the League - Japan and the League'

Apr 1936 - 'The World as it Passes - What will King Edward Vlll make of his reign? - Rearming of Europe - Trouble brewing in the East? - Women in Art'

Undated - 'The World as it Passes - Finances in Europe - 'Peace in our Time' - Women and National Health Insurance'

Jun 1936 - 'The World as it Passes - Royal Garden Parties - Queen Mary and the Order of the British Empire - Married Women and the Income Tax - Government and Equal Pay'

Jul 1936 - 'The World as it Passes - The Government's latest blow to Women: No women Diplomats or Consuls'

Aug 1936 - 'The World as it Passes - First woman appointed to historic office - Finding out the worst about your character -Two opposing views on marriage and divorce - Our social code and the declining birthrate'

Sep 1936 -'The World as it Passes - The Encyclopaedist's Great Mission - The decline of the Political Meeting'

Oct 1936 - 'The World as it Passes - Being chiefly concerned with meditations on the ways and destiny of 'La Belle France'

Nov 1936 - 'The World as it Passes - The approaching Royal Wedding in Holland - The Folk Lore Museum and Park at Barnet Herts - BMA Report upon Medical aspects of Abortion'

Jan 1937 - 'The World as it Passes - The Kaleidoscope if Nations - Welcoming Guests from the Empire - The British Council of Culture - Trade relations with China'

Feb 1937 - 'The World as it Passes - The varied ancestry of our Royal Family - A novel about Newfoundland - Women's Successes'

Jul 1937 - 'The World as it Passes - fragment - Campaign for securing more women in Parliament - Birth of baby expected by Dutch Crown Princess -Forthcoming Presidential Election in USA - Farouk becomes King of Egypt'

Nov 1937 - 'The World as it Passes - Campaign to increase the birth rate - How money raised by taxation is spent - Cost of living - Age of women teachers - Women's League of Health and Beauty'

Dec 1937 - 'The World as it Passes - Greeting to King Queen and Queen Mary - Slum Clearance schemes'-

Apr 1938 - 'The World as it Passes - Problems in seaside towns - Queen Victoria's view of children - Hire Purchase Bill'

May 1938 - 'The World as it Passes - 90th Birthday of Princess Louise - Supply of food in War time'

Jun 1938 - 'The World as it Passes - Children who were 'bound out' as servants - Domestic Services Exhibition and contract for servants - labour saving devices in the home - basic wage - wearing of uniform'

Jul 1938 - 'The World as it Passes - International Council for Women'

?Sep 1938 - 'The World as it Passes - Women and Prison and penal reform'

Dec 1938 - 'The World as it Passes - Thoughts at the end of the year - Preparing for War, evacuation -Insurance of buildings - choice of schools'

Jan 1939? - 'The World as it Passes - Prison Reform - Demand for legal monetary recognition of the wife's services in the home' (one page from magazine and a printer's galley proof)

Mar 1939 - 'The World as it Passes - Tribute to Mrs Daisy Bates and her life among aboriginals in Australia - women in fascist Italy - appointment of woman to be in charge of Ministry of fish supply in Soviet Union'

Apr 1939 - 'The World as it Passes - Visit of President of France - Report on Nursing Services -Volunteers for National Service -training for work on the land - 21st Anniversary of Woman Suffrage'

?May 1939 - 'The World as it Passes - King and Queen to visit Canada and USA'

Jun 1939 - 'The World as it Passes - Birthday of Princess Elizabeth - Woman MP forced to hand over all her Parliamentary salary to local Conservative Party'

Various fragments