Articles by Helena Normanton from various publications

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- 'Magna Carta and women' from 'The Englishwoman' dated May 1915

- 'Foundations of Freedom. IV How Parliament obtained its powers' in The Vote' dated Mar 1916

- 'The Jury system and women' from 'The Coming Day' dated Nov 1917

- 'The privy council and women' in 'The Englishwoman' no 91, Jul 1919

- 'How the war affects women teachers' in 'The Englishwoman' no 91, Jul 1919

- 'Whitewashing British Rule in India' from 'The Nation (USA) 19 Jun 1920

- 'India awakes' from 'The Nation' 21 Dec 1921

- 'The dissolutions of marriage' from 'Woman' Nov 1924

- 'Christmas and the child' from 'Woman' Dec 1924

- 'The Earl of Birkenhead. Friend or foe to women's interests?' from 'Woman' dated Apr 1925

- 'Marriage as a mausoleum' from 'Woman' Oct 1925

- 'France 150 years ago and today' from 'Health and Beauty' no date

- 'America's constitution. Its hundred and fiftieth birthday' from 'Health and Beauty' no date

- 'An acknowledged debt' from 'Advertising world' dated Aug 1925

- 'Marriage as I see it' from 'Indian National Herald, Bombay' 11 Nov 1928

- 'Runnymede for England' from 'Landmark' Feb 1930 (photocopy)

- 'Your worldly goods' from 'Coming Fashions' Apr 1932

- 'Women in the professions: their present position and their prospects VII the English Bar' from 'The Journal of Careers' Jan 1936

- 'Women in the law' from 'Girls Own Paper' Oct 1936

- 'My child's future' from 'The Domestic Review' Dec 1938

- proofs from Encyclopaedia Britannica 'Women, legal position of' and 'Women's suffrage'

- 'Personalities in focus by Hortensius' from 'Popular Motoring' Mar 1934

- 'Teaching a child race' from 'Child Education' Nov

- The Red Indian People' from 'Child Education' Aug 1928