Correspondence with Editors of various publications

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- correspondence and press cuttings concerning 'Nationality of wives. The case of Queen Victoria'

- copy of letter to Anthony Cummings concerning his articles on women in the law (1935) (with press cuttings)

- correspondence relating to article on barrister-at-law in handbook 'Careers and vocational training' (1939)

- copy letter asking for publication to be discontinued (copy of publications:

- 'Cities of Britain. St Albans' by Helena Normanton (copy of a talk broadcast from over 250 radio stations in the United States and Canada)(manuscript notes)

- list of articles published in the 'Pall Mall Magazine' and correspondence concerning them

- correspondence with 'Evening Standard' concerning writing about the trial of Norman Thorne

- review of 'The trial of Norman Thorne' in 'Catalogue of books published by Geoffrey Bles' (1931)

- correspondence concerning articles and payment with 'Adelaide Observer', 'Answers', 'Central Press Ltd', 'Crawfords Advertising', 'Daily Chronicle', 'Daily Express', 'Daily Herald', 'The Daily News', 'The Daily Sketch', 'GK's Weekly', 'The Graphic', 'Home Forum', 'Investors' Chronicle', 'The Morning Post' (with press cuttings), 'The New Witness', 'The Penal Reformer', 'Saturday Review', 'The Star', 'Singer and Co Limited', 'The Sphere', 'Swarajya', 'Tagore & Co', 'Women's League of Health and Beauty'