National Council For Equal Citizenship

Scope and Content

Original File 1 'How Mrs Normanton secured passage of Divorce Law Reform Resolution by the National Council of Women and ecclesiastical vituperation afterwards'

Consists of:

- Address to the Annual Conference of the National Council of Women at Edinburgh on reform of matrimonial law by Helena Normanton (2 versions)

- printed copy of resolution proposed by Helena Normanton on behalf of the National Council For Equal Citizenship on 3 Oct 1934

- correspondence concerning Normanton as proposer for resolution at Annual Meeting of the National Council of Women

- correspondence about libellous article 'Daughters of Heth' in 'Scottish Guardian' (1934)

- typescript 'Memorandum upon the unequal incidence upon the sexes of English matrimonial law. Prepared at the request of the National Council for Equal Citizenship for transmission to the National Council of Women (for the use of the League of Nations)' by Helena Normanton (manuscript note states that this was not the one used)

- typescript 'Marriage Bill 1936 (Mr AP Herbert MP) Observations by Helena Normanton'

- carbon copy 'Marriage Bill 1946. Memorandum'

- Final agenda for Annual Council Meeting 1936 and 1937 with letter outlining amendments to resolutions in the agenda on League of Nations and Marriage Law Reform (1937)

- Case for the opinion of Counsel relating to words used in book 'The Ayes have it' by AP Herbert


- 'Daughters of Heth' in 'The Scottish Guardian' dated 12 Oct 1934 and Normanton's letter to the Editor in 'The Scottish Guardian' dated 26 Oct 1934

- Annual Reports of National Council For Equal Citizenship for 1932-33 and 1933-34 (manuscript notes)

Original File 2 'National Council for Equal Citizenship'

Consists of:

- typescript 'Resolution 1 inheritance (Family Provision) Bill

- typescript 'Marriage Law Reform Divorce in England and Abroad' by H Gray (Sep 1935)

- typescript 'Resolution 21 on Marriage Law Reform'

- typescript 'Equal Citizenship (Blanket) Bill'

- correspondence concerning Marriage Law Reform Conference on 19 Nov 1934

- typescript 'Resolutions for programmed passed Annual Council Meeting Mar 1935'

- correspondence concerning amendments to Resolutions on agendas for council meetings

- Final Agenda Annual Council Meeting 1936 (manuscript notes)

- correspondence concerning memorandum on the matrimonial status of women for the National Council of Women (1936)

- letters concerning Mr Herbert's divorce bill

- typescript monthly letter for Feb 1937

- correspondence concerning resignation from National Council for Equal Citizenship


- 'The Coverture Disabilities (Abolition) Bill', National Union of Societies for Equal Citizenship 1925

- 'Marriage Bill. A Bill to amend the law relating to marriage and divorce' London: HMSO, 1936 (manuscript notes)

Annual reports and agendas for Annual Council Meetings were removed and can be found at 2NCE/X