General correspondence and papers

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- article by Lady Oxford in 'Strand Magazine' on the Bar being an unsuitable profession for women (article attached) Dec 1932

- correspondence with Philippa Strachey (1933)

- correspondence concerning 'Women's Who's who' (1935)

- correspondence with H Gray on statistics for divorce (1935)

- correspondence with the Medical Women's Federation concerning equal pay between men and women (1939)

- correspondence with Dr MC Stopes on the law of married women (1939)

- letter concerning petition to admit women into the House of Lords (1947)

- list of names whose heads featured in an exhibition of H Holliday's works (personal friend of Helena Normanton)

- photocopy of menu from The Rendezvous Restaurant with sketch of a female face possibly Helena Normanton's

- programme for International Study Conference on The Atlantic Community to be held in Oxford, England 7-13 Sep 1952

- flyer for book 'The bearing of coat armour by ladies' by Charles AH Franklin

- book label 'From the books of Helena Normanton'


- 'What should a woman do?' by Lady Oxford from 'Strand Magazine' Dec 1932