Letters to Thomas Pennant,

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Ten holograph and autograph (1) letters to Thomas Pennant at Downing and Hanover Square [London], from J[ohn] Aikin [physician and author], Yarmouth, [17]87 (personal, the writer's perusal of the journals of four ? local ships, including the Norfolk, Tartar, and Yarmouth, which had been on a ? whaling expedition to Greenland, a reported case of a three year pregnancy, a query by recipient concerning Sir Cha[rle]s Scarborough (Scarburgh), physician to Charles II, the writer's pleasure in reading recipient's appendix to the Arctic Zoology, his expectation of Mr. [John] Howard [philanthropist], several of whose papers relating to the plague he had been translating or abridging, the presence of Dutch fishermen 'to the number of 60 sail' at Yarmouth), [Sir] C[harles] Blagden, secretary of the Royal Society, Strand [London], 1792 (acknowledging receipt, on behalf of the Society, of a copy of recipient's Indian Zoology, 2nd ed. [(London, 1790)]), Henry Headley, undated (? a minor criticism by the writer relating to one of recipient's works), [Sir] W[illiam] Jones [judge and Orientalist], Calcutta, 1793 (personal, thanks for a gift of recipient's work Indian Zoology, a promise to send books, appreciation of 'Mr. Egerton's acquaintance'), John Latham [ornithologist], Dartford, 1794 (the death of Mr. [John Charles] Brook [Somerset Herald], who, with Mr. [Benjamin] P[ingo, York Herald], and many others, had been suffocated [in a crush at the Haymarket Theatre, February 1794], the writer's expectation of the new edition of recipient's Arctic Zoology, his pleasure on reading the introduction, which was already in print, an intended visit by recipient to the writer's home, literary matters), Gamaliel Lloyd, Bury St. Edmunds, 1796 (detailed genealogical data relating to the descendants of Richard, ? one of the three sons of [the Reverend] William Mostyn, archdeacon of Bangor, the writer being one of the said descendants), [the Reverend] John Lloyd [then rector of Nannerch, later rector of Caerwys], Caerwys, 1777 ( the building of Overton bridge, the connection between the second element in the names Powys Vadoc and Overton Madoc and Prince Madoc ap Meredydd), E. R. Owen, Bangor, 1782 (a sketch, and an account of, the traces remaining of a castle near Bangor), G[eorge] Paton [Scottish bibliographer and antiquary], Custom ho[use], Edinburgh, 1794 (personal, a reply to a query relating to Mey [estate], parish of Canesbay), and Pastor Daniel Sprunglin, Stettlen [Switzerland], 1773 (enclosing a list of all the birds of Switzerland, native and migratory, known to the writer) (in third person, letter in French, list in Latin).


Title based on contents.

Formerly known as Pennant[-Feilding] 11.

Preferred citation: NLW MS 12716E.

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The description is also available in the Handlist of Manuscripts in the National Library of Wales, Volume IV (Aberystwyth, 1971).

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