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Copy letter from Southampton, Hampshire, to Francis Asbury in America, carried by Levi Heath and his family. Coke describes in detail the financial arrangements for Heath's passage to America to start his ministry.

He also refers to the large number of new converts in England and Ireland, the extensive travels made by himself and John Wesley in recent months, and the swift proceedings of the Manchester Conference.

He asks Asbury to send a letter to George Shadford of Cornwall who was shortly to enter the ministry in America.

Coke also mentions John Wesley's intention to send books at two-thirds of the English retail price, and Coke emphasizes that he (Coke) can be trusted to act in Asbury's best interests in this matter.

Coke states his intention to be at Charleston in South Carolina in March [1788], and asks that Conferences are arranged accordingly, before his return to England from New York in June [ 1788]. 10 Aug 1787

[Original at Drew University.]