Films of Wildlife (fox, badger, otter, shellduck etc.) taken near Gyrn Castle, Llanasa

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This film is now housed at the National Screen and Sound Archive, National Library of Wales. The film can be viewed on DVD - ref: F/15.

"These films taken by Mr. Fred Bates (depositor's uncle) over a period of years immediately after the Second World War, were shot from hides within 100 to 300 yards of the Castle. The earths or badger setts were illuninated by a sort of cart-wheel from which were hung about six 200 watt bulbs. There were two main hides, each with its own cart-wheel of lights. Each hide had a dimming mechanism in it, and the idea was that the lights were turned up a little each night until the badgers / foces had become used to the illumination, thus enabling the films to be made. The films are probably only a tenth of actual film taken, and are a result of endless hours watching from the hides. More often than not, no satisfactory film was taken due to a change of wind, an unavoidable cough from the watcher, or perhaps the fox had gone away that particular night. The remains of the hides is still in evidence [1984]. Foxes, badgers, and shell duck are still using the same earths / setts as are shown in the films. Otters alas are no more [1984]."


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