DVD of Rhyl Films, G.A. Cheetham's Wedding and the Enthronement of the Archbishop of Wales

Scope and Content

DVD compilation of films, previously catalogued as F/1/1-15. The original films were transferred to the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, in 2010 [Accession 6013788]. Information about the films has been provided by Mr Philip Lloyd, as follows:

1. Wedding of G.A. Cheetham (son of Arthur) to Miss E.M. Lawson. Taken by unknown cameraman. Arthur Cheetham and wife are seen leaving St Thomas's Church, Rhyl immediately after bride and groom. Second shot: guests line up (presumably for group photo). Arthur Cheetham seen talking, then donning hat ready for photo. 3 minutes, 50 seconds.

2-8, and 10-12 are examples of local newsreels produced by the 'Shannon Film Co'. Their logo can be seen on some of the titles and inter-titles. They were two brothers, who took over Chetham's Market Street cinema in 1919 (documented in local newspapers).

2. Fishing Fleet. Divided into sections by several inter-titles, ending at sale of fish to public. A second film exists. c.1919.

3. Floods, including damage to Promenade wall, with title. c.1919.

4. Pusey Jones (ship washed up on beach), with title. c.1919.

5. Baby seal (washed up and in captivity), with title. c.1919.

6. Christmas Day sports (hockey), with title and humorous inter-titles. c.1919.

7. Prince Arthur of Connaught at Rhyl station. With title. He had represented the King at the enthronement of the first Archbishop of Wales at St Asaph Cathedral earlier that day and had agreed to stop off at Rhyl (only as far as outside the station) to receive a loyal address from the U.D.C. In a recorded interview of 1983 (made by Mr P. Lloyd), Albert Edwards (retired Clerk to the U.D.C.) relates his story as a young employee entrusted with the work of collecting the hand-written address from a local sign-writer - just in time! Recording deposited at Welsh Film Archive.

8. Empire Sunday at Rhyl, (year noted on title). Includes wreath-laying on Cenotaph, presentation of medal to local soldier, and Red-Cross Boys and (?) hospital staff marching to and entering St Thomas's. With inter-titles. 1919.

9. Compilation: children coming out of Christ Church ('British') and Clwyd Street ('National') schools. 1902. 11 minutes, 32 seconds. By Arthur Cheetham:-

(i): Christ Church: includes boys leapfrogging in street and much milling-around. 53 seconds.

(ii): Clwyd Street: includes boys leapfrogging in street and two horse-drawn carts passing closely. 39 seconds.

(iii): Christ Church: includes more leapfrogging, game of 'strong horse' and milling by boys; also teachers leave. 7 minutes, 30 seconds.

(iv): Clwyd Street: classes leave (far more sedately than in Christ Church film!).

10. Lifeboat Day, by Shannon. Lifeboat drawn through streets and down beach for launch. A film of 1920 also exists. 1921.

11. May Day procession, by Shannon. 1920/1921.

12. Enthronement of first Archbishop of Wales. Procession down High Street, guests (?) /sightseers (?) mingle afterwards at the bottom of High Street. With inter-titles. 4 minutes, 33 seconds.

Total duration: 1 hour, 9 minutes, 47 seconds.


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