Rock slices continued part 2.

Scope and Content

Specimens described include No.127, Teschenite (page 5); No.129, Eklogite, Bavaria, (page 7); No.131, Granulite, Chemnitz, (page 9); No.132, Schist, Pyrenees, (page 10); No.133, Slate, Ardennes, (page 11); No.139, Dichroite gneiss, Saxony, (page 17); No.140, Gneiss, Bavaria, (page 18); No.141, Gneiss with pyrope [garnet], Saxony, (page 19); No.142, Cordierite-gneiss, Saxony, (page 20); No.143, Sunstone, Saxony, (page 21); No.151, Cordierite, Finland, (page 29); No.156, Enstatite, Jarzberg, (page 36); No.186, Nepheline, (page 64); No.187, Nepheline, (page 65); No.188, Nepheline, (page 66); No.204, Zircon, (page 72); No.212, Gabbro, Radanthal, (page 79); No.214, Gabbro, Volpersdorf, (pag 80); No.218, Schillerfels,(page 82); No.215, Forellstein, (page 83); No.216, Troktolite, (page 84); No.217, Eukrite, Bekkeford, Norway, (page 85); No.219, Teschenite, (page 219). Entires in back of notebook include Rhyolite supherulite, Phonolite; Leuctophyre and Nepheline lava, and Herchenberg.