Carboniferous Fossils

Scope and Content

Notebook comprises pencil sketches and notes on various Carboniferous age plant, vertebrate and invertebrate fossils in the collections of the Woodwardian Museum, 1878-1882. Subjects include Megalichthys fish scales (page 9); Stigmaria ficoides (page 14); Sigillaria (pages 17-18); Calamites and Lepidodendron (pages 21-24); Pecopteris (pages 33-37); Neuropteris (pages 38-39; Alrthopteris (page 40); fish teeth (pages 59-60); Goniatites and Nautilus (page 95-96); gastropods (pages 114-115) (Loxonema); non-marine bivalves, (pages 122-135); Bryozoans (page 136); Trilobites (pages 138-140) and Corals (141-142). Also including notes relating to publications dated 1861-1862 (inside back cover); notes on a recipe for the cement which should be applied hot to the heated geological or rock specimen, consisting of 1lb of shellac, 2lbs of grease (beeswax is better) and 2lbs of Plaster of Paris; and pencil sketches of fossil bivalve shells (back page 3).