Minutes of Committee meetings and Annual General Meetings

Scope and Content

Minutes of the Women into Computing (WiC) Steering Group (Meeting numbers 10-14)

8 Jan 1993 (Staffordshire University)

Particulars - report on the 1993 conference, decision to support the IFIP conference on Women, Work and Computerisation in 1994 instead of holding own conference

20 Apr 1993 (University of West of England, Bristol)

2 Jun 1993 - Women into Computing steering group - minutes of meeting between Women into Computing (WiC), the British Computer Society (BCS) and Women in IT (WIT) about ideas for coordinating activities and a Catalogued Policy Staement on Women for the British Computer Society, prepared by Frances Grundy (WiC) and Ellen Neighbour (WIT)

12 July 1993 (Open University, Milton Keynes) Handwritten minutes

20 Sep 1993 (Staffordshire University)

Particulars - the lack of publicity materials was discussed, ageed to contact publishers with proposal for book.