The 1987 Edinburgh Workshop

Scope and Content

Details of the Women in Computing(WiC)Workshop held at the Department of Computer Science, Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt Universities


Timetable of the day for the school students

blank copy of the questionnaire given to students

break-down of answers given by students to the answers

more detailed analysis of the answers given in the questionnaire by [Greg Michaelson] with some criticisms that the questions were too vague and ambiguous.

Planning notes for the workshop from meetings held on 24 Jun 1987, 11 Aug 1987, 26 Aug 1987, 3 Sep 1987

a copy of the invitation to attend the one day workshop on 16 Sep 1987

a copy of two Press Releases for the one day workshop.

page torn from the page of the [University magazine] containing a favourable report from the workshop on women in computing

newspaper article, mentioning the one-day workshop

completed questionnaires given to students attending the workshop and list of names of delegates