Minutes of Committee meetings and Annual General Meetings

Scope and Content

Minutes of Women into Computing (WiC) National Steering group (Meeting numbers 21-25)

11 Jan 1996 (De Montfort University)

22 Apr 1996 (Keele University)

11 Jul 1996 (Middesex University) This meeting was combined with the AGM. Includes a report of the afternoon discussion on 'Gender Related Research in Computing and IT' attended by Prof Keith Baker, Prof Pat Pearce, Prof Norman Revel, Dr Sue Spilling, Dr Arie Finkel, Eva Turner, Frances Grundy, Janet Stack, Barbara Segal, Wendy Pattinson, Rachel Lander, Pat Pearce, Suzy Rogers, Wendy Milne and Janet Payne

28 Oct 1996 (Glasgow University) Inludes a cash flow sheet and a proposal for a pilot study of female computing students in UK universities