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(a) Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd. [ICI] Staff Grade Scheme, April 1955

(b) ICI Pension Fund, 1957

(c) ICI Grading Scheme for Tradesmen, 1954

(d) (2) ICI Employee Profit Sharing, 1957

(e) ICI Share Investment Scheme, 1956

(f) Concrete Ltd. Profit Share, [n.d.]

(g) ICI Wilton Works Procedure for Sickness Absence, [n.d.]

(h) Baker Perkins Ltd. Profit Share Scheme, 1955

(i) The Kalamazo Workers' Alliance Plan [annotated 'received October 1954']

(j) Hull Printers Our Co Partnership Way, 1962.

(k) British Institute for Management [BIM] Wage Incentive Schemes, 1950

(l) Promotional publication for ICI Wilton Works, [n.d.]

(m) British Drug Houses Ltd. Profit Share Scheme, 1950

(n) The Co-Determination Rights of Workers in Germany, Ludwig Rosenberg, (Federal

Executive of German Trade Union Federation), [n.d.]

(o) ICI Billingham Workers' Hospital Scheme, 1955

(p) ICI book, This is Our Concern, 1955

(q) Copy. 'The Histadrut', [sent by the Jewish Socialist Party] in The Jewish Post, 1956

(r) War Department Industrial Handbook, [n.d.]

(s) National Union of Mineworkers [NUM] Rules, 1962

(t) Institute of Personnel Management, Joint Consultation a Practical Approach,


With Transport and General Workers' Union [TGWU] Education Department Training Document no. 163/1955 on 'Joint Consultation', 1955

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