Scope and Content

Drawing book, cover missing, containing press cuttings of photographs of suffrage events and personalities. Includes press cutting photographs of:

* Mrs Medd Hall and Miss Joan Wilson, two Croydon women released from prison

* Census protesters in 1911, spending the night in caravans on Wimbledon Common

* Suffragist pageant in London, Daily Mirror, 19 Jun 1911

* Women's Hospital Corps at work in Paris, Oct 1914

* Funeral of Emily Wilding Davison, Daily Mirror, 16 Jun 1913

* Christabel Pankhurst in Paris

* Lloyd George giving evidence against Charles Gray, Daily Mirror, 16 Jul 1912. The captions 'The Chancellor of the Exchequer giving evidence' and 'Arriving at the court' have been corrected in pencil to read 'The Chancellor of the Exchequer lying' and 'Going to lie at the court'

* Police protecting property against suffragettes, Graphic, 5 Mar 1912

* Mrs Pankhurst's house at 41 Norfolk Square, guarded by police

* Unidentified woman. On the reverse is part of a description of a visit to the Women's Hospital Corps at the Hotel Claridge, in Paris

* Cartoon reprinted from the Daily Herald: Joan of Arc talking to an English suffragist [undated]

* Front pages of the Daily Herald, 31 Jul, 3 Aug and 5 Aug 1914 [os]