Katie Gliddon to her family

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter written from Holloway Prison, on official blue prison letter form, with prison regulations printed on reverse. 'E 2/14' in the top left hand corner refers to Gliddon's cell number in E Wing.

The printed form reads 'Dear ... I am now in this Prison, and am in ... health. If I behave well, I shall be allowed to write another letter about ... and to receive a reply, but no reply is allowed to this. Signature...'.

Transcript: 'I am now in this Prison, and am in excellent health and most cheerful and spirited. Thanks very much for parcel. Shall probably send washing home. Please send it back again as soon as possible. Please send me nightdress, nail brush, nail scissors, handkerchiefs, two towels, soap, T, blouse, fruit, little brown cap, shampoo powder, old books, some non-poisonous disinfectant in powder form if possible, needle and cotton, sal volatile, smelling salts, tape. This place is much better than I expected. And everyone is very nice. Katherine Gray'. Her prison number, 15491, is filled in below.