Scope and Content

Blue cloth-covered book, paginated. Contains press cuttings of articles and photographs related to suffrage activities, notably imprisonment and the treatment of suffragettes in prison, also cuttings about the Croydon WSPU and reports of parliamentary debates. '1913 Kate Gliddon' is written on the spine, though it contains material published 1910-1914. Loose items have been removed and are held in a folder.

Items in the scrapbook include:

* Flyers and programmes for suffrage events: WSPU Procession, Sat 18 Jun 1910; WSPU Procession, 28 May 1910 [later postponed]; WSPU Demonstration in Hyde Park, 23 Jul [no year]; WSPU Procession, 17 Jun 1911; WSPU Demonstration in the Albert Hall, 18 Jun 1912; WSPU Demonstration in Hyde Park, 14 Jul 1912; WSPU Deputation to the House of Commons to see Asquith and Lloyd George, 21 Nov [no year]; WSPU Meeting at Holland Park Hall, 16 Jul [no year]; Men's Political Union for Women's Enfranchisement Meeting at Kensington Town Hall, 8 Nov 1912

* Newspaper articles by Katie Gliddon (pp 30-32): 'An Idea Worth Suffering For', letter to the Croydon Advertiser, 4 Dec 1909; 'Militants and Armed Violence', letter to a newspaper, Dec 1913; 'A True Incident', Daily Herald, 22 Oct 1912, signed Katherine Grey; 'The Women's War' [undated]; 'A Callous Public' [undated]; three letters to Croydon newspapers on the subject of forcible feeding, Apr-Jul 1913

* Newspaper cuttings relating to the activities of her brother, 'Charles Gray' [pseudonym of Paul Gliddon], his attack on Lloyd George and subsequent conviction for assault (pp 18, 19, 21, 25-29); report in 'Votes for Women' of a meeting in Kensington Town Hall in Nov 1912, at which he and Frederick Pethick-Lawrence spoke

* WSPU propaganda material, c.1909 (pp 42-43): 'Atrocities in an English Prison' [account of Selina Martin's treatment in Walton prison, Liverpool]; 'A Reply to Mr Gladstone', regarding Herbert Gladstone's denial of maltreatment in the Martin case

Loose items removed and held in a folder:

* A poem and notes in Gliddon's handwriting, including the text of a speech of thanking the 'Norwood News'.

* Two articles by GK Chesterton from the Daily Herald: 'The Trumpet in the Night', 24 May 1913 and 'Engine-Whistles and How They are Blown Upon', 7 Jun 1913; the front page of the Daily Mirror, 4 Apr 1913, recording in pictures the return of Mrs Pankhurst to Holloway, and a full page of the Daily Telegraph, 19 Mar 1912, reporting a debate in the House of Commons on the treatment of suffragist prisoners.