Deed of lead to a Common Recovery:

Scope and Content

i) Sir Griffith Boynton of Burton Agnes ii) Thomas Hutton, esq. and Thomas Bean, gent. both of Grayes Inn and William Barrett of Cliffords (Inn?) London, gent iii) John Guest of the Inner Temple : messuage and lands in Thorneholme. Manor and capital messuage of Haistropp with closes called South Close, North Close, 2 Mill Closes and Fishpooles; 18 oxgangs called Demeasne Lands; and 7 messuages, 14 cottages (including Longs Cottage and Bartholomew Hanson's Cottage) and 33 oxgangs in all. Manor and capital messuage of Winton cum Barmeston with closes called Sheepe Close, Hogg Close, Brick Kilne, Griffins Coney Garth, Beck Ground, Haystone Hills, West Field, Winton Garth, Hambeleton Hill, Lowground, Duffey, Itacks, Peasehills, Deckinston Hills, Byays, Winton Marre, Cottman Croft, Skelton Close, West Trussay, North Intack, Skelton Close, New Rift, Overam Close, Gray Close, North Fog Close, Round Close, East Thrussey, Tennis Close, Marre Close, Pindery Close, West New Close, Jane Robinson's Intack, East New Close, Walker Close Head, Great and Little Cliffe Closes, Huntleyclose, Greatstone Hills, Milne Field, Great New Close, Fogg Close, 2 Dennis Closes, Horse Close, Silkeholme Close, West Criftens, 2 Becks Closes, Gransmoore Close, 2 Acklams closes, Dewells Closes, Harpham Close, Brecking Close and Nurse Closes; a watermill and a windmill, 17 messuages, 12 cottages, 8 crofts and 14 oxgangs in all. Manors of Rousby, Greene, East and West Skealing, with manor house, closes called High and Low Parkes, High Grounds, Hall Bradley Heads, Greene Bradley Heads, Part Seyles, Great Maines, Seller Wood, Howltree Wood, Hagghill, High Close, Wood House Field, Fords Intack, Great Rose Layes, Caper Close, Horse Close, Mire Ings, Hoggard House Close, Scowscott Heads, Little Maire, Calfe Close, Booth Garth, Round Close, Little Rose Ley, Underdytes and Ellar Heads. Closes called the Summer Ground and Thorne Close in Little Kelke: To use of Sir G.B. and heirs. Witn. Mar. Nelson, Jac. Toulson, Tho. Horwell 'Clerke of the peace for Cornwall'

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