Demise: John de Mounceaus and wife Isabel to Thomas de Ake and wife Agnes for their lives

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2 bovates in Ruddestane which they (J. & A. de M.) had of the gift of Thomas son of Robert de Thorp in the fee of St. Mary's Abbey, York lying between land of the abbey and land of the rector of All Saints' Ruddestane. A place of land in Ruddestane (between toft of Sir John de Hasthorp and toft of rector of All Saints' Ruddestane) and 6ac. in the field of Ruddestane (i.e. 2 1/2ac. lying in length from the town of Ruddestane to the boundary of Killum on the W.; 1/2ac. on le Neudayls; 2ac. on Thriddayls; and 1ac. on le Southladstaynes, all in the same field and in the fee of St. Mary's Abbey, York and lying between lands of William son of Eustace of Ruddestane, and of Peter Helard): Rendering 30s. 6d. yearly beginning at Pantecoat 1337. Witn. John de Carethorp, Richard Spynes, Thomas de Thorp, John Friboys. Given at Ruddestone. Tuesday after St. Nicholas bishop, 1336

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