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Adwell is a village to the south-east of Oxfordshire, lying midway between Thame and Watlington. In 1866, Adwell was united with South Weston, and in 1981, both parishes were in turn united with Lewknor, Stoke Talmage, Wheatfield and Tetsworth. Some papers among the parish records of South Weston also refer to Adwell.

The parish records of Adwell have been deposited at various times: two deposits were made with the Bodleian Library in 1957 and 1980, and two with Oxfordshire Archives in 1980 and 1992 (these last two were assigned the Accession Numbers 1733 and 3532). Two Appendices list the contents of each deposit, and provide a concordance of old and new reference numbers.

Recatalogued by Robin Darwall-Smith in July 1996.

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